The First adventures are simple task-based quests designed for new users. Players can get to the quests through the First Adventures Icon icon at the top of the screen.  Introduced Nov 8, 2013.

1st step: Skatepark!Edit

"There's a chest filled up with treasures somewhere in the city! They say one skater knows more than everybody about it. Build 9 skateparks and the skater will come to check it out!"

Task: Have 9 skateparks!


1 x Secret Technologies

2 x Residence Permit +200

2nd step: Supplies!Edit

"We've found this skater! Now we know  that the treasures are somewhere in the suburbs! We shall get prepared to the search! Produce 10 batches of cheese for treasure hunting team!"

Task: Produce 10 baches of cheese!


4 x Auction sale

1 x 5% Discount Card

3rd step: Expansion!Edit

"According to the skater's words, the case is somewhere in the suburbs. Let's expand territory a bit and buy 1 region!"

Task: Buy 1 region!


2 x Dynamite

1 x Secret Technologies

Additional step: Enhance!Edit

"Don't forget about your city, while looking for the treasures! Use one of the bonuses to accelerate your business!"

Task: Use one of your bonuses! (time limit: 24 hours)


4 x Golden Key

1 x Big Hammer

4th step: Obstacle!Edit

"What a wild nature! The stream blocked the way of our treasure hunters! We need to produce 10 wood planks to let our treasure hunting team cross the stream safe and sound!"

Task: Produce 10 Wood Planks


1 x Residence Permit + 1000

1 x Discount on materials (save 10% on building)

5th step: Equipment!Edit

"Treasure hunting team has been in search for a long time already and their equipment is worn out! They ask for 10 new belts!"

Task : Produce 10 belts (weaving factory)

Reward :

8 x Tool Boxes (1 hr off construction)

1 x Party Mask (invites 5 new friends)

6th step: Energy!Edit

"The team has found the case and now it's delivering the treasures to the city! Let's build a solar plant right after the delivery of treasures to start improving the city as soon as possible!"

Task: Build 1 Solar power plant


1 x Great Luck Bonus

4 x Pump

7th step: Treasures!Edit

"Complete all the tasks and case with treasures will become yours!"

Task: Complete all the tasks!


1 x Crash Effort

1 x Cheap Land

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