The Robotarium is a building that unlocks at Level 15. The Robotarium houses Robots, which can be used to automate production in the Industrial Buildings. Robots are needed to collect Meteorite Shards for the Meteorite upgrades

Available at level Level 15
Territory Territory 3x3
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Construction time Time 3 h
Electricity Electricity -120
Yields experience for construction XP2 +19
Upgrades Available Upgrade 5
Yields citizens' happiness Happiness +250


  • Upgrade costs
  • Time 
  • Free Hangar

Level 2:

  • 75000 Coins
  • 3 Workers (from College)
  • 3 Engineers (from College)
  • 2 Electricians (from Construction Institute)
  • Time 14  h
  • +1

Level 3:

  •  ???
  • Time ? h
  • 3

Level 4:

  •  ???
  • Time ? h
  • 4

Level 5:

  • Upgrade of the Robotarium will be available later. Stay tuned!
Demolition costs The Robotarium cannot be demolished nor put into storage

Purchasing RobotsEdit

Every couple of month there is a Robot Sale. RobotSale Icon

Name Costs in coins Costs in credits Costs during sale Costs during sale Energy
Robot I Coins 40.000 Cash 20 Coins 36.000 Cash 18 Energy 13
Robot II Coins 500.000 Cash 35 Coins 440.000 Cash 30 Energy 16
Robot III Coins 1.500.000 Cash 50 Coins 1.275.000 Cash 42 Energy 20
Robot IV Cash 80 only available forCash Cash 64 Energy 24

  • What makes one robot different from another?
    Each robot has an unique set of specifications from the start. Upgrade the Robotarium to unlock more advanced robots.
  • What kind of specifications do robots have?
    The higher the value, the better a robot performs its function:
    • Speed Speed increases the speed of completing the task by 10% per stage.
    • Economy Economy decreases the cost of starting the task by 10% per stage.
    • Technology Technology increases the amount of experience gained for goods production by 10% + 1xp per stage.

The robot specifications and their look change every 24 h. Wait with buying till the robot has good values for speed. The price and the energy stay the same.
Purchasing a robot1
Purchasing a robot2

For coins the following 3 robots are available:

Robot IEdit

Robot I

Robot IIEdit

Robot II

Robot IIIEdit

Robot III
For city credits there is only 1 model:

Robot IVEdit

Robot IV

Using and Upgrading RobotsEdit

Robots can only complete contracts that you are able to complete yourself.  You need to have the correct building and that building needs to be upgraded to the level where the contract becomes available. The Robot also needs to have the contract available in it's programming. Initially, the Robot can only produce one or two contracts (e.g., Flour and Meusli). When you assign the Robot to make Flour, it first needs an idle Farm. If there is no idle Farm, the Robot will wait. The Robot travels to the Farm and initiates Grain production.  When the Grain is ready, the Robot collects it, takes it to an idle Milling Plant, and initiates Flour production. When the Flour is ready, the Robot collects it and returns to the Robotarium. Collect the goods from the Robot to move them into a Warehouse. 

You can stack two or more contracts for the Robot to complete. Additional contract slots are available for purchase with City Credits. 

For every contract a Robot completes, it gains experience and you gain XP.  When the Robot has gained enough experience, it can be upgraded.  When you upgrade a Robot, a new contract is randomly selected to be aded its repertoire or it could gain additional Speed, Economy, or Technology.  Dice can be used to discard the contract and re-run the random selection.  It is possible to use the Dice and be offered the same contract you just discarded.

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