Introduction Edit

Residential Buildings produce population for your city. At different intervals, each building will produce a certain number of people that will be added to the population of your city when you tap on the person icon floating above the residential building.

Population will naturally decrease as you send people away on trips from your Terminals. Apparently, all trips are one-way trips out of town. Residential buildings will produce the people you need to make up for this natural decrease.

To buy factories in the game, your population will have to be at a certain level. For each factory you buy, the required population will be higher, so you will need some residential buildings to continue increasing your population as your city grows and needs more factories.

The maximum population of your city is determined by the Happiness happiness of your city, which can be increased by adding Entertainment Facilities and Decorations to your city, or by adding Modules to existing ones. When you find that your population reaches the maximum, you will not be able to collect population from your residential buildings. Instead you will have the choice to collect coins for sending away the new people. Your population at this point will not be able to increase until you have increased the maximum population through increased happiness.

Residential Buildings for Coins Edit

House House
Population +1 / Time 1 m / Coins 2,000
Basic house Basic House
Population +8 / Time 15 m / Coins 6,000
Cottage Cottage
Population +25 / Time 1 h / Coins 1,000
Estate Estate
Population +90 / Time 4 h / Coins 20,000
Manor Manor
Population +130 / Time 6 h / Coins 30,000
Residential complex Residential Complex
Population +100 / Time 3 h / Coins 40,000
Elite residential complex Elite Residential Complex
Population +190 / Time 5 h / Coins 60,000
Villa DeCaribo Villa DeCaribo
Population +250 / Time 7 h / Coins 120,000
Walnut Townhouse Walnut Townhouse
Population +220 / Time 5 h / Coins 240,000
Tropical Cocktail Mansion Tropical Cocktail Mansion
Population +330 / Time 8 h / Coins 360,000
Paradise Laguna Villa Paradise Laguna Villa
Population +355 / Time 10 h / Coins 480,000
Flores Holiday Home Flores Holiday Home
Population +400 / Time 12 h / Coins 720,000
Rainbow Umbrellas Residence Rainbow Umbrellas Residence
Population +325 / Time 7 h / Coins 960,000

Residential Buildings for City Credits Edit

Mansion Mansion
Population +80 / Time 45 m / Cash 25
Apartment building Apartment Building
Population +400 / Time 3 h / Cash 40
Villa Villa
Population +660 / Time 5 h / Cash 60
House of a Hundred Windows House of a Hundred Windows
Population +1000 / Time 7 h / Cash 120
Jupiter Skyscraper Jupiter Skyscraper
Population +1150 / Time 8 h / Cash 160
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