• In the Research Center, you can create modules to insert into an existing building which enhance the building in some way.
  • Most buildings can use them and have three slots. The first is free, the second costs Cash 10 to unlock, while the third costs Cash 175.
  • Sometimes special buildings or holiday buildings, such as Magic Pie Cafe, do not have module slots. Buildings without slots will sometimes gain them after a time; an example is the Delta Plan Ride, which originally did not have them, but which got them after a year or so. It is worthwhile to check back after updates to see if buildings without modules slots have gained them.
  • It´s not possible to use two modules of the same effect in one building. For example two modules of Happiness, regardless of size.
  • Modules created at the Research Center can be extracted, S-Modules for Coins 6,000, M-Modules for Cash 5, B-Modules for Cash 10. See the Modules page for a complete list of modules and extraction costs.
Available at level Level 9
Territory Territory 3x3
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Construction time Time 2 h
Electricity Electricity -120
Yields experience for construction XP2 +80
Upgrades Available Upgrade 18
Cost Coins 30.000
Resources for completion 3 Rice, 5 Milk, 5 Muesli



More details about the modules produced here can be found on the Modules page.

Module of Description S- M- B-

Reduces the price for conclusion of contracts by

5% 10% 14%
Birth rate

Increases the population growth by

7% 15% 20%

Reduces the requirement of the building .by

5% 10% 14%

Increases the amount of experience for the contract by

1 2
Happiness Increases the amount of happiness brought by the building by 10% 20% 25%

Accelerates the accumulation of population by

5% 10% 15%

Accelerates the accumulation of profit by

4% 7% 10%




Name Costs Time Required Ingredient Costs per detail
Lens Lens Coins 1,000 Time 4 h 3x Lens fragment 2 Cash
BronzGearWheel Bronze gear wheel Coins 1,500 Time 4 h 3x Bronze Detail 2 Cash
SilverGearWheel Silver gear-wheel Coins 1,800 Time 4 h 3x Silver Detail 750 Rating Points Simple
GoldenGearWheel Golden gear-wheel Coins 50,000 Time 12 h 3x Golden Detail 15 Cash
BronzeBallBearing Bronze Ball Bearing Coins 30,000 Time 8 h 3x Bronze Ball Bearing Fragment 5 Cash
SilverBallBearing Silver Ball Bearing Coins 60,000 Time 10 h 3x Silver Ball Bearing Fragment 7 Cash
  • Bronze Details and Lens fragments are presented by citizens as a gratitude for your help. They can also be obtained by tapping on the treasure chest in the lower left corner of the screen to acquire "secret rewards".
  • Golden gear wheels, bronze and silver ball bearings can be obtained from the daily tasks and as a reward in certain contests. 

Upgrade LevelsEdit

Upgrades Upgrade Costs Time Modules available
Level 2 Coins 45,000 or Cash 9 Time 3 h
  • S-Module of Birth rate
  • S-Modle of Profit
  • S-Module of Bonus
  • S-Module of Technology (Robot)
Level 3 Coins 70,000 or Cash 13 Time 15 h
  • S-Module of Experience
  • S-Module of Space
  • S-Module of Urbanisation
  • Golden gear-wheel
Level 4 Coins 90,000 or Cash 19 Time 1 d
  • M-Module of Happiness
  • S-Module of Population
Level 5 Coins 140,000 or Cash 25 Time 1d 12 h
  • M-Module of Energy
Level 6 Coins 200,000 or Cash 32 Time 2 d
  • M-Module of Birth rate
  • M-Module of Profit
Level 7 Coins or Cash Time
  • M-Module of Population
  • M-Module of Experience
Level 8 Coins 320,000 or Cash 50 Time 3 d
  • M-Module of Bargain
Level 9 Coins 550,000
Level 10 Coins 800,000 or Cash 75
Time 5 d
Level 11 Coins 1,200,000 or 90 Cash 90
Time 5 d 12 h
  • B-Module of Population
  • B-Module of Energy
  • Garage S Module
Level 12 Coins 1,728,000, Cash 101 or BuildingBrigade ed 1
Time 6 d
  • B-Module of Bargain
  • B-Module of Speed
Level 13 Coins 2,880,000, Cash 110 or BuildingBrigade ed 1
Time 6 d 17 h
  • B-Module of Power
  • B-Module of Urbanization
Level 14 Coins 4,800,000, Cash 120 or BuildingBrigade ed 1
Time 7 d 4 h
  • Garage M-Module
  • B-Module of Bonus
Level 15 8 d
  • B-Module of Space
Level 16 ??? d
  • S-Module Amplifier
Level 17 ??? d
  • M-Module Amplifier
Level 18 ??? d
  • B-Module Amplifier
Research Center

Partially upgraded Research Center


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