"The Old Quarry produces Limestone, Granite and Marble, which is used to upgrade entertainment buildings and to build the Eiffel Tower. Its normal state is "drowned". It requires 6 pumps which enable production for 12 hours."

Available at level Level 1
Territory Territory 3x3
Upgrade costs / Time

Level 2: Coins 200,000 or Cash 50 / Time 12 h
Level 3: Coins 300,000 or Cash 70 / Time 12 h

The Quarry at level 3 produces Marble required to complete the River Bridge project.

Quarried products are also used to create ingredients in the Design Studio.

Pumps can be obtained through various means, some of which include:

  • The rewards of various events such as Boss Fights, or just about any event that has competition and gives prizes or treasure chests
  • Visiting the cities of other players and tapping on the attention icons

Manufacturing Edit

Product Building Level Time Experience Sell Costs Required vehicles
Limestone Limestone 1 Time 2 h XP2 +10 Coins +2,500 Coins 2,000 DumpTruck 1
Granite Granite 2 Time 4 h XP2 +25 Coins +7,000 Coins 6,000 DumpTruck 2
Marble Marble 3 Time 6 h XP2 +40 Coins +16,500 Coins 15,000 DumpTruck 3

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