Puzzle_Pieces_Super_Event is a new type of Super Event, which clearly still is at an experimental stage. This is a corporate event, during which a corporation needs to produce as many pieces of a certain item as they can. I call the event experimental because it's almost impossible to complete the puzzle. During the first event after some time the pieces stopped coming. During the second event the pieces were rewarded to the products of the first event. Only after a day (and many complaints - I suppose), the products of the current event were rewarded.

The first of these events came out in October. The products required were:

  • Plywood
  • Thickener
  • Wax
  • Aluminium

The second of these events took place at the end of november 2016.

The products in question were:

  • Batteries (30 pts)
  • Scarfs (20 pts)
  • Fruit cheese curd (20 pts)
  • Chiffoniers (50 pts)

PuzzlePieces SuperEvent
Mayor have you heard about the new event? Complete contracts, earn points, and send your ratings skyrocketing to the top!

Fabulous prizes await the winners.

Fabulous PrizesEdit

Different cases can be earned by producing the required amout of a certain item. Maybe that are the fabulous prizes mentioned. There are 3 types of cases:

  • MASTER Case M.A.S.T.E.R. Case
  • ChampionsCase Champion's Case
  • BeachTreasure Beach Treasure

By producing the products listed above, the player sometimes receives a puzzle piece. The drop rate is unknown yet. 24 pieces are needed to complete the puzzle.
Puzzle Reward

It is unknown what the content of the special reward was. But after complaining I got:

  • 15 Investor's Briefcases
  • 10 Golden Details
  • 100 VIP points certificate
  • 10 city credits

InvestorsBriefcase Investor's Briefcase

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