Loading Status Edit

While the game is loading, status updates are shown that indicate various things that could be happening to make your city work.  Usually three different statuses are shown. 

  • "Signing new contracts"
  • "Planting trees in the forest"
  • "Replacing blades in rescue helicopters"
  • "Repairing asphalt"
  • "Searching for gifts from friends"
  • "Dissipating clouds over the city"
  • "Accepting mail"
  • "Sifting flour in the Warehouse"

These status were missing for a while in late 2015 and 2016, but were added back around March of 2016.

Screens Edit

Please post newest splash screens at the top.

2017 Valentine's Day Edit

2017 Valentine's Day Splash Screen

Special Valentine's theme at the top, same as 2016, but with version and statuses at the bottom.

2016 Thanksgiving Edit

2016 Thanksgiving Splash Screen

Special Thanksgiving theme at the top.

July 2016 Edit

Splash Screen July 2016

Game version information has been added at the bottom.

March 2016 Edit

Loading Screen Edit

2016 March Splash Screen

Status updates have been added back.

Splash Animation Edit

2016 March Splash Screen Animation

2016 March Splash Screen Animation

2016 Valentine's Day Edit

2016 Valentines Day Splash Screen

Special Valentine's theme at the top.

Early January 2016 Edit

BB Crown Splash Screen

The Big Business Crown, this appears before the regular splash screen.

Winter Holiday 2015 Edit

2015 Holiday Splash Screen

Special Holiday theme at the top.

Late 2015 Edit

Late 2015 Splash Screen

Basic, no frills splash screen.

Halloween 2015 Edit

Halloween 2015 tn

Special Halloween theme at the top.

Mid 2013 Edit



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