Well organized work always leads to excellent results. Keep an eye on the construction site, be attentive to your workers, and oversee the process. Take one step after another toward your goal and give the residents of your city a new road!

NorthernOverpass Quest

This city needs a hero... and a new overpass! Build one and become a hero to your citizens! The preliminary survey of the area is complete, and the blueprints are already on your desk. It's time to begin construction!

Notice  Each part of each construction task must be complete before moving on to the next, items marked with  can be made in advance to complete the part faster. Hang on to the items in your Warehouse until you have completed the part in the construction task that requires it.

Available at level Level 35
Territory Territory 3x9
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Electricity Electricity -???
Profit + 750 Coins / 5 h Time
Yields citizens' happiness Happiness + 5500 

Safe Edit

The safe's contents will be awarded to only the most industrious businessmen who never surrender to obstacles. Complete all the tasks in time (30 days Time  from the time you start the quest) and get an extra reward.


Inside the safe you will find:

  • 25 Cash
  • 175.000 Coins
  • 3 Golden Wrenches
  • 2 Yellow Forms
  • 2x5000 corporate points certificate
  • VIP bonus certificate for 7 days

Construction Task 1: Foundation is Laid Edit

Part 1 - New Crews (Reward: 8500 Coins, 300 XP2)

  • Train 5 workers
  • Unlock any achievement

Part 2 - Breaking isn't Building (Reward: 8500 Coins, 310 XP2)

  • Demolish 10 buildings that become available at level 25 (level differs depending on game level)
  • Help your workers by accumulating 500 energy

Construction Task 2: First Challenges Edit

Part 1 - In Step with the March of Progress (Reward: 8500 Coins, 310 XP2)

  • Train 25 architects
  • Get 2 Merchant Cases

Part 2 - We're Here to Help (Reward: 8500 Coins, 310 XP2)

  • Get 35 Chisels
  • Help your workers by accumulating 750 energy

Part 3 - The Durability of Granite (Reward: 9000 Coins, 320 XP2 )

  • Produce 25 batches of Granite
    (Produce the granite first, pumps already collected will be subtracted when you pump out the quarry.)
  • Get 45 Pumps

Construction Task 3: Chin Up!Edit

Part 1 - No Defects!  (Reward: Coins, XP2)

  • Get 7 Elite Rubies
  • Get 10 Gas Burners

Part 2 - The Air Up There  (Reward: Coins, XP2 )
A construction site always needs good fitter that aren't afraid of a little difficult work - or heights for that matter. Let's put together a new crew of these daredevils!

  • Train 15 Fitters
  • Help your workers by accumulating 1000 energy

Part 3 - The Quarry's Riches (Reward: 9000 Coins, 340 XP2 )

  • Produce 30 batches of Marble
  • Finance the project (approximately 12 million, might be different depending on the player's level)

Construction Task 4: Second Wind Edit

Part 1 - A Pro is Always Worth the Price (Reward: 9000 Coins, 340 XP2)

  • Train 25 Welders
  • Get 45 Composite Beams

Part 2 - Tile to Tile (Reward: 9000 Coins, 340 XP2 )

  • Produce 45 batches of Ceramic Tile
  • Help your workers by accumulating 1250 energy

Part 3 - It's Better to Give (Reward: 9500 Coins, 350 XP2 )

  • Send your friends any 50 gifts

Construction Task 5: Final Push Edit

Part 1 - Brick by Brick (Reward: 9500 Coins, 350 XP2 )

  • Make 50 batches of Bricks
  • Help your workers by accumulating 1500 energy

Part 2 - The Final Inspection (Reward: 10.000 Coins, 400 XP2 )
Hurray, our overpass is done! Now we just have to wait for the inspectors to give u the right to open the new road. Lots of substantial people will be coming soon, so maybe we should order them some comfortable buses.

  • Deploy 15 Buses
    It is still unknown whether you need to possess 15 buses (which would mean upgrading the garage), or if it is enough to send them on a trip 15 times.
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