Events are special quests that begin and end on certain dates. If the event conditions are fulfilled, they generally yield unique buildings or other rewards, some of which cannot be acquired in any other way.

There are several basic types of events.  Each type is described below.

The most recent events are at the top of east list ... the oldest are at the bottom.

Super EventsEdit

Production events require the player to create of a certain number of common products over a 4 day period. These events typically yield buildings that are normally purchased with Cash city credits, or not available at all.

More details on this type of event can be found on the Super Events page.

Past Super EventsEdit

Holiday EventsEdit

In most holiday events, the player must use Energy energy to collect special holiday resources, usually from citizens wandering around the city. The holiday resources can be used to build unique holiday buildings.

Occasionally holiday events may take a different form, such as the 2016 Easter event on iPad, which required winning Contests to acquire events resources.

Past Holiday Events Edit

Other Events Edit

Some types of events are unique, and not related to a holiday or super event. Some of these may be recurring, such as the Module Building Event, but the results of each instance of a recurring event are separate.  That is, work during the event does not carry over to future instances of a similar event.

Past EventsEdit

Medal SalesEdit

Occasionally buildings will come up for sale for medals obtained during contests.  The medals do not have to be won during the sale period; they may be ones you already have won previously.  However, you can only buy the sale buildings during the sale period.

Past Medal Sale EventsEdit

Sale Events for Limited Edition itemsEdit

The game calls these events, but players would just call them sales. Occasionally items and buildings become available for a limited time. The items are not available under any other circumstances, and can only be purchased for actual money, not coins or City Credits. Prices ranges from $19.99 USD to as much as $99.99 USD.

Past SalesEdit

Boss FightsEdit

  • Boss Fights give the player a limited amount of time to work with other players to defeat a 'boss' monster, such as Nessie or the Ice Giant. In these, Energy energy is used to collect special weapons that can be used to defeat the boss. Success gives rewards that typically include useful resources and modules. Note that Boss Fights are not listed on this page; see the Boss Fights page for more information.
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