"Tired of constantly worrying about your power supply? Then make use of natural energy and build a Hydro Power Plant! Complete tasks, help workers and finish the construction in time to get an extra prize!"

"Help the workers build the Hydro Power Plant, manage the work process and don't neglect your constructions site. Complete all the stages to get the one-of-a-kind Hydro Power Plant."

Notice  Each part of each construction task must be complete before moving on to the next. Please note that items cannot be made or collected in advance. Hang on to the items in your Warehouse until you have completed the part in the construction task that requires it.

Available at level Level 15
Territory Territory 4x6
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Experience for construction XP2 +150
Electricity Electricity +800
  • Upgrade costs
  • Time
  • Yields experience for upgrade
  • Yields electricity for upgrade
Level 2:
  • 50 Turbines
  • Time 0 sec
  • XP2 +150
  • Electricity +800 (total 1,600)

Level 3:

  • 100 Turbines
  • Time 0 sec
  • XP2 +150
  • Electricity +900 (total 2,500)


"The safe's contents will be awarded to only the most industrious businessmen who never surrender to obstacles. Complete all the tasks in time (10 days Time from the time you start the quest) and get a valuable reward."

Inside the safe you will find:

  • 10 Cash
  • 100,000 Coins
  • 1 Golden Key
  • 1 Gold Coin
  • 1 Blueprint (Fragment #1 of Blueprints for building "Nanogenerator")

Construction Task 1: Work Won't WaitEdit

Part 1 (Reward: 1,500 Coins, 25 XP2)

Part 2 (Reward: 1,500 Coins, 30 XP2)

Part 3 (Reward: 2,000 Coins, 40 XP2)

  • Find 20 Workers in the city (WorkerQuestcitizens wandering around town, 400 Energy 20 h Time). Takes at three hours before you start to see workers; each worker takes 20 energy.
  • Get 10 Leather Bags (collect profits from Entertainment Facilities). They could've been left in any building.

Construction Task 2: Comfort FoodEdit

Part 1 (Reward: 2,000 Coins, 50 XP2)

Part 2 (Reward: 2,500 Coins, 60 XP2)

  • Have 3 level 2 Tennis Courts (9 Granite, 6 Limestone @ Quarry & 48 Hammers, 72 Trowels, gifts from friends)
  • Have a level 5 Manor

Part 3 (Reward: 2,500 Coins, 70 XP2)

  • Hire 10 Welders (10 h Time each @ Construction Institute)
  • Produce 40 units of Aluminum (4 h Time each @ Mine) (Can't be made in advance)

Construction Task 3: Walk the TalkEdit

Part 1 (Reward: 3,000 Coins, 80 XP2)

Part 2 (Reward: 3,000 Coins, 90 XP2)

  • Find 10 Rulers (visiting friends)
  • Produce 20 Shirts (1 h Time each @ Weaving Factory )

Part 3 (Reward: 3500 Coins, 100 XP2)

  • Accumulate 1000 energy in the task window
  • Complete any 3 contracts at the Quarry.

Construction Task 4: Attention to DetailEdit

Part 1 (Reward: Coins 3,500, XP2 110)

  • Find 10 Glasses - They could have been left in buildings. (Hint: I found them from the donut cafe. So build as much donut cafes as you can. You can also use the Great Luck bonus. This will help you get the points/glasses in a day if you play continuously)

Part 2:  Being on trend (Reward: Coins 4,000, XP2 120)

Well, the business has taken off.  Part of the blueprint has already been completed, and now we need paint to highlight the particularly important places.  We will also need to obtain turbines - they are the latest craze in the construction world.
  • Receive 5 Turbines as a gift  Hint:  You will need your friends' help
  • Produce 20 batches of Paint (Time 15 m each @ Oil Refinery )  Hint: Required Resource will be subtracted once quest is completed

Part 3:  A break won't hurt (Reward: Coins 4000, XP2 130)

Hurrry!  The Blueprints are almost completed, the builders just need a little help. I'd recommend that you rest a little while they are perfecting the Blueprints.  Participate in a few contests.
  • Help the workers - accumulate Energy 1,500 energy (Time 75 h)
  • Receive SilverMedal 15 Silver Medals Hint:  Participate in contests

Construction Task 5: A Worthy RewardEdit

Finally, the Blueprints are ready!  Just look at this, I've never seen a blueprint this good!  Your builders deserve the highest reward!
(Reward: Coins 4,500, XP2 140)

  • 15 gold coins
  • 3 elite rubies

Done! (Reward: Coins 7,000, XP2 250)

Under Construction Edit

Hydro Power Plant Under Construction

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