The First adventures are simple task-based quests designed for new users. Players can get to the quests through the First Adventures Icon icon at the top of the screen.

Step 1: Make friends!Edit

"Keep the friends informed about your success in "Big Business"! Connect to Facebook or Twitter and receive a reward!"


Tool box 2x

Pump 1x

Step 2: Friends!Edit

"Tell your friends about your achievements in "Big Business"! Publish 5 messages on Facebook or Twitter and get a reward!"


Tax inspection 3x

Sharing experience 1x

Step 3: Community!Edit

"Join famous businessmen in your Facebook community! Probably they will share secrects of their success?"


Everyone on Base! 1x

Advertising Campaign 1x

Additional step: Impressions!Edit

"Change Twitter wallpapers! Break the monotomy of your life! (you have 24 hours)"


Residence permit +500 1x

Great Luck Bonus 1x

Step 4: Post photo!Edit

"Imprint your success! Take 3 screenshots of the city, publish them on Facebook or Twitter and get reward!"


Discount card (5%) 1x

Dynamite 1x

Step 5: Friends!Edit

"Play with your friends and grow your business into a booming and prosperous enterprise due to their support! Make friends with 3 players and get a reward!" (info: 3 additional friends needed!)


Big Hammer 1x

Time certifitate for 20 minutes 5x

Step 6: ??Edit

Step 7: ??Edit

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