The three First Adventures are simple task-based quests designed for new users. Players can get to the quests through the First Adventures Icon icon at the top of the screen.

First Adventures - Case with Treasures!

1st step: Tutorial! Edit

Successful business is a very difficult thing! To learn how to manage it properly, complete the tutorial!

Task: Complete the tutorial!


3 x Tax Inspection

1 x Overtime

2nd step: Task! Edit

It's very important to meet all commitments in business! Complete any task and receive a reward!

Task: Complete any task!


1 x Party mask

1 x Master Class

3rd step: Fun Time! Edit

Happiness of your citizens is the important thing! Take care of them and build any of entertainment buildings!

Task: Build any entertainment building!


1 x Residence Permit +50

1 x Magnet

Additional step: Bank! Edit

Every businessman needs to have his emergency store! Make any purchase in the bank to save your business from bankrupt!

Task: Make any purchase in the bank!


1 x Free Box

2 x Silver Key

4th step: Helping hand! Edit

Take care of wellness of your citizens! Sometimes the city needs your personal intervention. Extinguish 1 fire and provide aid in the city 1 time!

Task: Extinguish 1 fire and provide 1 medical aid!


1 x Time certificate for 20 mins

2 x Hammer

2 x Drill

5th step: To the trip! Edit

Everybody likes traveling! And your citizens are not an exception. Start any trip at the terminal and all the citizens will be very grateful!

Task: Start any trip at the terminal!

Reward :

1 x Everyone on Base

2 x Magnet

6th step: Mayor! Edit

The best way to win a respect is to help your citizens in solving their problems personally! help 5 citizens!

Task: Help 5 citizens!


1 x Advertising Campaign

2 x Chisel

7th step: Treasures! Edit

Complete all tasks and this case with treasures will become yours!

Task: Complete all tasks!


5 x Pump

1 x Residence Permit +200

1 x Sharing Experience

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