The Eiffel Tower is a Big Business building which requires several quests to be completed before it can be completed.

Eiffel Tower Event Icon
There is a time limit of 30 days for the additional vault prize. It is very difficult to complete the tasks quickly enough to get the safe prize. If you intend to try to get the safe, study this page carefully BEFORE you start the tasks: Tips for earning the Eiffel Tower Safe.
Available at level Level ?
Territory Territory 3x3
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Electricity Electricity -1100
Happiness Happiness +11000

The First stepEdit

Place Tower (30,000Coins / 6 h Time / -60 Electricity / +400 Happiness)Edit

Eiffel Tower Level 1

Eiffel Tower at Level 1

Inspiring BuildersEdit

  • Produce 5 Muffins at your Confectionary Plants and 5 Tea at your Milling Plants
  • Collect 20 Rubber Duckies from Swimming Pools.
  • Get 10 Chisels (gifts from friends) [CAN'T be made in advance - 2-Jan-2014]
    Train 10 Workers (8 h Time each @ College)[CAN'T be made in advance - 2-Jan-2014]
  • Produce 10 Limestones(Warning do not make in  advance and sell them) (2 h Time each @ Quarry)
    Find 10 Iron Beams (visiting friends)
  • Post 3 pics on facebook

Upgrade tower to level 2 (50,000 Coins / 12 h Time / -100 Electricity / +1000 Happiness)Edit

Expediting EventsEdit

  • Replenishing Strength
    Your builders are tired, let's give them time to unwind and catch up on the latest developments in the world of architecture?
    - Collect 25 Magazines from Newsstands (also from Playgrounds)
    - Collect 500 Energy*
    Reward: Coins 4,000, XP2 130
  • Get 20 Trowels (gifts from friends)(CANT be made in advance [2nd dec 2013]) (Trowels can be received in advance as long as you do not "take" them from your gifts[24th Jan 2014])
    Train 10 Workers (8 h Time each @ College) (CANT be made in advance [2nd dec 2013])
  • Produce 10 Granite (CANT be made in advance)(4 h Time each @ Quarry)
    Find 12 Silver Beams (visiting friends)
  • Post 3 pics on facebook

Upgrade tower to level 3 (100,000 Coins / 20 h Time / -250 Electricity / +2500 Happiness)Edit

Brilliant Solutions Edit

  • Collect 2 Elite Rubies by collecting the daily rewards for logging into the game. [CANT be collected in advance - 22-Jan-2014]
  • Get 25 Hammers (gifts from friends)(do not upgrade any entertainment buildings or the hammers will be deducted)-CANT be collected in advance..
    Train 10 Engineers CANT be done ahead  (10 h Time each @ College)
  • Need a Break
Building the Eiffel Tower isn't the same as sipping coffee on Montmartre... Your workers are very tired. Maybe we can give them a break? Besides, I saw some new books on design hat they can read as they unwind.
Collect 30 "Books on design" (Design Journals) from Bookstores.  Hint:  Required resources will be subtracted after the quest is completed. 
- Collect 1500 Energy
- Reward: XP2 190, Coins 5,500
  • Produce 10 Marble CAN'T be made in advance. (6 h Time each @ Quarry)
    Find 15 Gold beams (visiting friends)

Upgrade tower to level 4 (150,000 Coins / 30 h Time / -300 Electricity / +3000 Happiness)Edit

Eiffel Tower Level 4

Final Touches Edit

  • Get 10 Avocado CAN be collected ahead.(Terminal)
    Produce 10 Cheesecake - CAN NOT be made ahead.(2 h Time each @ Food Plant)
  • Collect 35 Pizza from Pizza Parlor
    Collect 2500 Energy
  • Get 30 Drills CAN collect before' (gifts from friends)
    Train 15 Engineers CANNOT train before'
     (10 h Time each @ College)
  • Obtain 10 SilverMedal from Contests CANT be collected ahead.
  • Collect 10 Silver & 10 Gold Keys CANT be collected ahead. ALSO Do NOT USE THEM or they are deducted!

Upgrade tower to level 5  (300,000 Coins / 2 d Time / -400 Electricity / +4000 Happiness) Edit

Share SuccessesEdit

"Wow!  Look at how far we've come in our construction business!  Let's share it with friends!"

  • Post 3 screenshots of the Eiffel Tower on Facebook.  Reward:  Coins 5000, Cash 3

Please note that some items cannot be made or collected in advance.

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