Available at level Level ?
Territory Territory 2x2
Buildings allowed to build Building 1
Electricity Electricity 220
Yields Citizen's Happiness Happiness 350



Used to construct unique buildings

Building a house isn't that simple and you need a good blueprint. Blueprints will be stored at the warehouse and can be used anytime.

Blueprint of Icon Required Ingredients Costs Time Available on iPad Available on Windows PC Available on Windows Phone
Dove of Piece
  • 3 Green Forms
Coins 5000 Time 8 h X X X
Cafe Sea Wanderer
  • 1 Blue Form
  • 4 Green Forms
  • 2 Yellow Forms
Coins 9000 Time 16 h X X X
Restaurant Fast and Furious
  • 2 Green Forms
  • 1 Yellow Form
Coins 7000 Time 12 h X X X
Rhodes Mansion
  • 25 Black Forms
  • 50 Red Forms
  • 40 Green Forms
Coins 50,000 Time 2 d 8 h X X
Babylon Center
  • 10 Black Forms
  • 60 Red Forms
Coins 25,000 Time 2 d X X
Rhodes Villa
  • 3 Blue Forms
  • 12 Green Forms
  • 6 Yellow Forms
Coins 15,000 Time 1 d 12 h X X X
Magnate Hotel
  • 40 Black Forms
  • 100 Red Forms
Coins 75,000 Time 3 d X X



Ingredients Description Costs Time Required Ingredients

CeramicTiles Icon Ceramic Tiles

Great tiles from top designers! Coat the walls of any room and it will impress your Guests. Also it doesn't let mold to spread! Coins 30,000 Time 4h 2x Sand, 1x Granite
Bricks IconBricks Brick is the most reliable building material. It keeps the warm inside and has refined red color. You don't even have to extra decorate it! Coins 25,000 Time 5h 2x Sand, 1x Limestone

Microchip Icon Microchips

Required for the production of unique modules. Only skilled masters from the Design Office can create such a sophisticated device. There is no substitute for microchips in the creation of modules. Coins 2000 Time 4h 2x Green Forms

FacadePlastic Icon Facade Plastic

Required for production of Module

Quality plastic designed for sturdy, modern, and sleek building design.

Coins 50,000 Time 8h 3x Plastic, 2x Dye

Gastronomic ComplexEdit

GastronomicComplex Icon

A perfect solution for a business person!

Popular contracts in one factory! Complete contracts without usual production chain and save some time. Choose the list of contracts that you need at any time just by pressing the button.
GastronomicComplex Exclusive GastronomicComplex BuildingIcon
The Gastronomic Complex seems to be some kind of super-factory, which is able to produce the goods listed below:
GastronomicComplex Building

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