"Cheer up the Little Dragon" is a boss "fight"; however, the objective is not to defeat the dragon but to make it happy. This can be done by bringing it certain items.


Yet another experiment gone wrong! Only this time, the result was a magic dragon! Thankfully, he has no intention of incinerating the city; he's just lonely and needs a friend to play with! The citizens of the city will be happy to help you help him!

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Mystery Gift

The dragons attention can be drawn by throwing two paper planes. These can be collected from citizens. Every time, the player also receives presents to give to the dragon as well as Mystery Gifts. These contain further presents for the dragon and/or certificates.

The objective is to achieve 14500 points, by giving the dragon presents. There are different presents, with different cool down times:

Image Description Cheer Points Can be used again after Cost
Ball of Yarn
"A big ball of yarn! Aren't you just itching to play with it?" 45 1 h Coins 3,000
Legends of Dragons
"Tales of magical creatures from days gone by. It's certain to please the dragon." 58 30 m Coins 5,000
"Dragons love to fly kites, but love flying with kites even more!" 77 15 m Coins 7,000
Magic Symphony
"Everyone knows classical music lifts the spirit!" 600 3 m Cash 2
Dragon fruit
"A sweet tropical fruit that no dragon can resist." 1,350 1 m 30 s Cash 4
Gold Coins
"Nothing makes a dragon happier than a mountain of gold! Even if it's not exactly 20 karat..." 2,400 30 s Cash 6


Hooray! The Dragon is so happy! As a token of his gratitude, he will give you special gifts for a time. Press on the chest icon to learn more about your reward. When the dragon is completely happy again, it will reward all those who helped:

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Dragon's Hoard

  • rating points
  • coins (50,000 to divide amongst the helpers)
  • XPs (1,500 to divide amongst the helpers)
  • a Dragon's Hoard every 20 minutes:

Inside the Dragon's Hoard, several items can be found.

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