The amount of Coins coins and Cash City Credits in your bank account is shown at the top left of the game screen:

Bank Icon

Tapping on the bank icon will take you to the bank, where you can purchase additional Coins coins or Cash city credits. Standard prices for coins and city credits are shown in the table below.

Item Amount purchased Price VIP points for purchase.
City credits Coins 15,000 $1.99 +40
Roll of city credits Coins 31,500 $3.99 +80
Pack of city credits Coins 81,000 $9.99 +200
Bag of city credits Coins 165,000 $19.99 +400
Truck of city credits Coins 420,000 $49.99 +1000
Barge of city credits Coins 875,000 $99.99 +2000
City credits Cash 12 $1.99 +40
Roll of city credits Cash 26 $3.99 +80
Pack of city credits Cash 66 $9.99 +200
Bag of city credits Cash 135 $19.99 +400
Truck of city credits Cash 345 $49.99 +1000
Barge of city credits Cash 720 $99.99 +2000

Note that the actual number of coins or city credits purchased depends on your VIP level .

Bank Sale plus 100 percent icon
Occasionally, coins and city credits will go on sale. An event icon will appear on the right side of the screen, which will either double or triple the regular purchase amounts.

Buy Coins

Buy City Credits

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