While it's not happened to me, members of my Corporation have occasionally had crashes of the game ... either deleting some information or restoring to a much earlier point.  (Annoying, especially if you've paid for certain elements).

Courtesy of our Corp Leader Phil, a suggestion on how to Backup / Restore follows.

If you have some backup software, use that, otherwise backup and restore is a simple File Copy process (eg copy to a USB drive). 

1. There is a single folder, including all of the subfolders.  The folder is:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\BBDFolder where:

- Username is your user name on that PC, and

- BBDFolder is a complex string that obviously belongs to BBD.  This string might vary, but an example is: 

- C:\Users\Suzie\AppData\Local\Packages\0EB8BD08.BigBusinessDeluxe_erk7rrwyt7jyt 

(I've modified to protect privacy)

2. Copy the folder content to somewhere safe.  Don't copy the folder itself (in case a future install uses a different folder name).

3. To restore, install/reinstall your BBD. 

4. BEFORE you run it, Copy the backed up contents to the newly created BBD AppData folder. 

Note that this will only ever get you back to your last Saved/Restore/Copied file point.

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