On March 13, due to the many complaints,  G! made some changes on the requiremens! They only take effect after restarting the game. 

The 2017 St. Patrick's Day Event is essentially the same as 2016 St. Patrick's Day, only the duration is 10 days instead of 12. This page will be updated if different tasks are to fulfill. The first 3 tasks are identical, and so are the buildings.

Event Description Edit

This was a temporary event that started on March 10, 2017.

Saint Patrick's Day is almost here. Come to join the fun! Collect holiday items, chat with citizens, fulfill all the conditions of the special event, and build the main building: Dublin Castle!

Completing the event involves completing 10 quests.

Duration and Reward Edit

Event Duration: 10 days and 6 hours

Reward: Dublin Castle Dublin Castle

St PatricksDay

Gifts Edit

Gift of the Leprechauns

During the event, players were given the chance to send themed gifts to their friends. Each gift costs 25 "Lucky Clovers" to send, which can be found in Magical Treasures. GiftLeprechaun

Possible rewards included the following game resources:

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Event Tasks Edit

Tasks are designed around the following items:
Image Name Costs
LeprechaunShoe icon
Leprechaun Shoe 1 Energy
Pot of Gold icon
Pot of Gold 15 Energy
MagicalTreasure icon
Magical Treasure 10 Leprechaun Shoes (Windows)

35 Leprechaun Shoes (iPad)

  • The most important item to collect is the Leprechaun Shoe. Cost Energy 1 per shoe. (iPad and Windows)
  • With 10 Leprechaun Shoes you can get 1 Magical Treasure. In which you can find: Rainbows, Hats and Lucky Clovers and various items for your city. (Windows)
  • With 25 Leprechaun Shoes you can get 1 Magical Treasure. In which you can find: Rainbows, Hats and Lucky Clovers and various items for your city. (iPad). 
    On March 13 also reduced to 10 shoes!
Hat icon LuckyClover icon Rainbow icon
Hat Lucky Clover Rainbow
  • Pot of Gold. Cost 15 Energy, and can contain various items for your city, including Leprechaun Shoes. (iPad and Windows)
  • Information to iPad users. The average amount of Hat, Lucky Clover and Rainbow in the Magical Treasure is 0,6 pieces. 10 Magical Treasures will grant you an average of 6 pcs. of Hat, 6 pcs. of Rainbow and 6 pcs. of Lucky Clover. 10 Magical Treasures request 250 Energy. 250 Energy takes 12,5 hours to charge.

Just to pass task 3 you will need 125 Lucky Clover. That request an average of 209 Magical Treasure. To collect 209 Magical Treasure will require 261 Hours of Energy charging. If you collect energy 24/7 it will take you 10 days and 21 hours to collect.

This Event is just impossible to complete unless you are prepared to use a hugh amount of City Credits.

Information to iPad users is ended.

1. Leprechaun Magic Edit

Saint Patrick's Day  has come to your city! Celebrate with your citizens and decorate the streets for this happy occasion! Ask your citizens for special holiday items - they won't be able to refuse! 

  • Collect 50 Leprechaun Shoes (Windows)
  • Get 2 Magical Treasures, requests 10 Shoes for each Magical Treasure (Windows)
  • Get 50 Leprechauns Shoes (iPad)
  • Get 2 Magical Treasues, requests 25 Shoes for each Magical Treasue Chest (iPad)

Reward: Coins 7,500, XP2 75, Rating Points Simple 100

2. Magical Rainbow Edit

According to legend, leprechauns keep their gold in pots that they hide at the end of the rainbow. Can you find this wonderful treasure? Look for rainbow in your city and give it a try!

  • Collect 3 Pieces of Rainbow (Windows)
  • Collect 2 Pots of Gold, request 15 Energy for each Pots of Gold (Windows)
  • Collect 10 Rainbow (iPad)
  • Collect 4 Pots of Gold, request 15 Energy for each Pots of Gold (iPad)

Reward: Coins 7,500, XP2 75, Rating Points Simple 100

3. Saint Patrick Edit

"Сделайте ваши друзья' день! Дайте ваши коллеги и соседи лепрекон сокровища - они принесут вам удачу! И убедитесь, что вы спросите у жителей города для головных уборов. После того как вы завершили этот квест вы сможете воздвигнуть статую Святой Патрик в своем городе!"

  • Отправьте ваших друзей, 2 подарков от Лепреконов, 25Lcky Клевер для каждого подарок
  • Collect 10 Hats
  • Send 2 Gifts of the Leprechauns to friends, requires 25 Lucky Clover for each (iPad)
  • Collect 10 Hats (iPad)

Reward: Coins 10,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 750

Reward! Edit

St PatricksStatue Saint Patrick Statue

4. Friendly Help Edit

Your friends totally forgot to send you thank-you gifts! Remind them of your generosity and ask for a holiday gift. In the meantime, your citizens are thrilled with the statue of Saint Patrick and have asked you to make this wonderful monument even better!

Reward: Coins 10,000, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 250

5. Irish Magic Edit

Do you believe in miracles? Your city is already enveloped in magic! Ask your citizens to share their magical items with you. They'd be happy to share!

  • Collect 3 Pots of Gold
  • Collect 45 Leprechaun Shoes

Reward: Coins 15,000, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 150

6. Happy Moments Edit

  • Upgrade the Saint Patrick Statue to level 5
  • Collect 10 Leprechaun Shoes

Reward: Coins 15,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 150

7. Architect's Masterpiece Edit

  • Collect income from the Saint Patrick Statue 2 times
  • Collect 15 Hats

Reward: Coins 20,000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 1500

Reward! Edit

BlackrockCastle Blackrock Castle

8. Wondrous Gifts Edit

  • Upgrade Blackrock Castle to level 3
  • Receive Gift of the Leprechauns from friends 5 times

Reward: Coins 20,000, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 175

9. Gold Supply Edit

  • Collect income from St Patrick Statue 3 times
  • Collect income from Blackrock Castle 2 times

Reward: Coins 25,000, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 175

10. Holiday is here! Edit

  • Upgrade Blackrock Castle to level 5
  • Get 10 Leprechaun shoes

Reward: Coins 50,000, XP2 300, Rating Points Simple 5500