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Event Description

This was a temporary event that started on December 22, 2016.

Christmas is here! Have the best holiday, send friends the season's greetings, build Christmas buildings and earn special achievements. Complete all the quests in time and get Santa's Workshop for free!

In order to win the final reward, the player has to complete 15 tasks.

Duration and Reward

Event Duration: 11 days

Final reward: Santa's Workshop MerryChristmas Reward

Tasks are designed around the following items:

Again this is a combined event, with collecting- and production-tasks.


From citizens you get for 1 Energy

Image Name Points
Tinsel Set 2
Christmas Wreath 3
Treetop Star 4



Name Costs Rating Points
Candy Kit 15 Energy none
Magic Present 25 Tinsel Sets none
Christmas Stocking 20 Tinsel Sets 50 (sending)

Hybrid Event

For some tasks you have to produce goods. Paper Mills, Ranches and Sawmills have gotten extra options, which are only available during the event.

Product Building
Time Experience Sell Required
Rating Points
PaperSnowflakePaper Snowflake Paper Mill 2 Time 3 h  XP2 +30 Coins +1250 Truck 2 5
EggnogEggnog Ranch 2 Time 4 h XP2 +40 Coins +1475 Truck 2 6
LushPineLush Pine Sawmill 2 Time 5 h XP2 +50 Coins +1700 Truck 2 7

VIP Active Bonuses

Active VIP bonuses can help you acquire event resources more quickly. Active bonuses must be activated using a certificate. See the VIP page for more information.

Event Tasks

1. Feels Like Christmas

It just isn't Christmas without a tree! Make sure that there are enough evergreens for everyone! Don't forget to decorate too, with an installation of Christmas wreaths.

  • Get 10 Christmas Wreaths from your citizens
  • Produce 10 Lush Pines

Reward: Coins 8000, Cash 1, XP2 100, Rating Points Simple 350

2. A Flood of Greetings

The people are in a rush to wish their friends and relatives, and their mayor, a very merry Christmas! Accept their gifts and organise trips to help your citizens visit their friends.

  • Send your citizens on trips (amount: player level x 125)
  • Get 5 Candy Kits from your citizens

Reward: Coins 8500, Cash 1, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 400

3. Shaken and Stirred

What's the most jovial, seasonal drink for Christmas? It's eggnog, of course! Every café and restaurant has it as a special, and it's time you produce some to sell. While you're at it, you should wish your friends a happy holiday!

  • Send your friends 4 Christmas Stockings
  • Produce 30 Eggnogs

Reward: Coins 9000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 450


WinterGazebo Reward Winter Gazebo

4. Loud and Proud

At Christmastime, people nee ever more entertainment than usual! Build a gazebo where people can meet and spend time with friends. To attract the first visitors, let them in for free if they bring tinsel to decorate the place with.

  • Collect profit from the Winter Gazebo (2x)
  • Get 40 Tinsel Sets from your citizens

Reward: Coins 9500, Cash 1, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 500

5. Light Up the Sky

People love fireworks! Organize a trip to the country to give everyone the option to set some off without disturbing their neighbors. Your citizen appreciate your concern, and they will keep giving you gifts.

  • Get 3 Magic Presents from your citizens
  • Send 20 cars on tips

Reward: Coins 10.000, Cash 1, XP2 200, Rating Points Simple 550

6. Celebration Is an Art

An incredible installation of Christmas wreaths has appeared in the Administrative Building, but there's something you can do to make it better! Put Christmas trees around and the incredible Yuletiden composition will be complete! 

  • Get 10 Christmas Wreaths from your citizens
  • Produce 40 Lush Pines

Reward: Coins 10.500, Cash 1, XP2 225, Rating Points Simple 600

7. Turn It Up!

The Winter Gazebo is a popular spot and many people have already suggested you upgrade it. Take their advice, and don't forget to accept the gifts your friends are sending you!

  • Upgrade the Winter Gazebo to level 3
  • Get 1 Christmas Stocking as gifts from your friends

Reward: Coins 11.000, XP2 250, Rating Points Simple 650


SantasHatChildrensTheater Reward Santa's Hat Children's Theater

8. A Creative Space

Every grade school puts on a Christmas pageant, so why not open a full-on children's theater? The kids will need a lot for their first production. Start with some paper decorations for the stage.

  • Collect profit from Santa's Hat Children's Theater (5x)
  • Produce 15 Paper Snowflakes

Reward: Coins 11.500, Cash 1, XP2 275, Rating Points Simple 700

9. Following Yonder Star

Exciting events add to the fun of the holidays. Have a contest to find the most beautiful treetop star! The winner's star will go atop our tow's tree, and the winner will get free theater tickets. Also, your citizens want to give you some gifts.

  • Get 60 Treetop Stars from your citizens
  • Get 2 Candy Kits from your citizens

Reward: Coins 12.000, Cash 1, XP2 300, Rating Points Simple 750

10. Enormous Talent

The children's theater is gaining popularity. It's time for a more serious production! Support the arts by upgrading the building and treating the artists to some eggnog!

  • Upgrade the Santa's Hat Children's Theater to level 4
  • Produce 15 Eggnog

Reward: Coins 12.500, Cash 1, XP2 325, Rating Points Simple 800

11. Rustling Tickets

To attract more attention to the renovated theater, the director wants to give a free performance! The audience will be asked to bring tinsels to donate, but will not need to pay money for tickets. Spread the word by sending packages to other mayors!

  • Get 75 Tinsel Sets from your citizens
  • Send your friends 8 Christmas Stockings

Reward: Coins 13.000, XP2 350, Rating Points Simple 850


IceKingSkatingRink Reward Ice King Skating Rink

12. Ice, Ice, Baby

You have been getting a lot of suggestions about the new ways to improve the city. The most popular one is to build an ice rink. Why not listen to the people's opinions? They are so good to us, after all.

  • Collect profit from the Ice King Skatin Rink (3x)
  • Get 5 Magic Presents from your citizens

Reward: Coins 13.500, Cash 1, XP2 375, Rating Points Simple 900

13. The Bargain Hunt

Every mail is packed this time of year: Everyone's looking for gifts! Help relieve some of the stress on the local stores by arranging shopping tours to neighboring cities. Send your first passengers personally: They'll want to give you gifts! 

  • Send your citizens on trips (player level x 200)
  • Get 30 Candy Kits from your citizens

Reward: Coins 14.000, Cash 1, XP2 400, Rating Points Simple 950

14. Two Snowflakes Alike

Your friends keep sending you presents! Isn't that nice? But don't let the thrill of opening presents distract you from business! The theater needs more paper decorations, and it's up to you to produce more.

  • Produce 65 Paper Snowflakes
  • Get 2 Christmas Stockings as a gift from your friends

Reward: Coins 14.500, Cash 1, XP2 425, Rating Points Simple 1000

15. Gather Together

The new ice rink has a beautiful Christmas tree at its center, but there's nothing at the very top! Ask your citizens to help you find te most beautiful star, and have a big skating party! Upgrade the rink to increase its capacity. Merry Christmas!

  • Upgrade the Ice King Skating Rink to level 5
  • Get 15 Treetop Stars from your citizens

Reward: Coins 50.000, Cash 10, XP2 700, Rating Points Simple 7000

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