2016 - Happy Thanksgiving! is a temporary event that started on November 24, 2016.

Event Description Edit

The smell of turkey is wafting from the kitchen - Thanksgiving has begun! Build buildings and celebrate with your citizens and friends. Complete all the quests on time and get the New Hope Hotel!

In order to win the final reward, the player has to complete 10 tasks.

Duration and Reward Edit

Event Duration: 11 days and 6 hours

Final reward: New Hope Hotel NewHopeHotel

Tasks are designed around the following items:Edit


WanderingHat ed
From citizens you get for 1 Energy

Image Name Costs Rating Points
Pilgrim Hat 1 Energy 1
Cookbook 1 Energy 2
Stuffing 1 Energy 3


Name Costs Rating Points
Gift Jar 10 Energy none
Pack of Plenty
Pack of Plenty 30 Pilgrim Hats none
Heartfelt Gift 20 Stuffings 20 (sending)

Hybrid EventEdit

For some tasks you have to produce goods. Farms, Paper Mills and Ranches have gotten extra options, which are only available during the event.

Product Building
Time Experience Sell Required
Rating Points
PumpkinSoup Pumpkin Soup 2 Time 3 h  XP2 +30 Coins +520 Truck 2 4
PaperTurkey Paper Turkey 2 Time 2 h XP2 +35 Coins +880 Truck 2 5
StuffedTurkey Stuffed Turkey 2 Time 4 h XP2 +50 Coins +1430 Truck 2 6

And then there are the turkeys wandering around. I was hoping that they would count for last year's Gift Hunter Achievement Gift Hunter Achievement Icon Gold II, but - no.

They are totally out of the context of the Thanksgiving event, though they give you 20 rating points. Slaughtering one requires tapping on it 5 times (I think). You can get: VIP points, XP2 and Coins

VIP Active Bonuses Edit

If you are VIP level 4 or above, active VIP bonuses can help you acquire event resources more quickly. Especially important is that, at VIP level 5 or above, active bonuses can help you acquire the rarest event resource more quickly.  Active bonuses must be activated using a certificate. See the VIP page for more information.

Event Tasks Edit

1. A Holiday FeastEdit

Thanksgiving has begun! Prepare a holiday feast. You can start by borrowing cookbooks from citizens. By the way, everyone is already decorating their tables for Thanksgiving dinner, so it's time to make some holiday decorations!

  • Get 10 Cookbooks from citizens
  • Produce 10 Paper Turkeys

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 5000, XP2 100, Rating Points Simple 350

2. Parade of PlentyEdit

Your citizens can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with you. Don't let them down - accept the Thanksgivig presents they've prepared just for you.

  • Get 5 Gift Jars from citizens (10 energy each)
  • Get a Pack of Plenty from citizens (30 hats each)

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 6500, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 450

3. Fill Your PlatesEdit

There's a wonderful soup recipe in one of the cookbooks. Make a few servings for your citizens to try. By the way, it's time to send gifts to your friends. Make sure no one goes without a present.

  • Send 10 Heartfelt Gifts to your friends (20 stuffing each) [if you receive Heartfelt gifts it's advised not to take them till a later part of this event which will ask you to 'receive' heartfelt gifts]
  • Produce 20 Pumpkin Soup

Reward: Coins 9000, XP2 225, Rating Points Simple 850


Museum of Traditions Museum of Traditions

4. A History LessonEdit

A holiday is a great excuse to open a new facility in your city dedicated to the event. Build a Museum of Traditions and collect the first profits from it. Don't forget to accept gifts from your citizens - they want to thank you after all. 

  • Collect income from the Museum of Traditions 3 times
  • Collect 3 Packs of Plenty from citizens

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 7500, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 500

5. Hats Off!Edit

The director of the museum has suggested opening an exhibit of pilgim hats made by the people of your city. Your citizens love artistic events, so they should like the idea. Work on the exhibit and don't forget to accept gifts from your friends.

  • Collect 40 Pilgrim Hats from citizens
  • Get 10 Heartfelt Gifts from your friends

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 8000, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 500

6. Golden HarvestEdit

Autumn is a season of plenty. Plan informational tours to the countryside for the city residents so that everyone who wants to can learn more about the harvest. You'll also get some nice gifts from the farmers!

  • Send residents on any trips at the Terminal (the number depends on the player's level. The formula is: level x 100. i.e. 3200 for level 32.)
  • Get 20 Gift Jars from citizens

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 8500, XP2 200, Rating Points Simple 550

7. Tastiest WinsEdit

The Museum of Traditions has been packed every single day. It's time to upgrade it. But don't forget about Thanksgiving - hold a cooking contest! Every family has its own stuffing recipe. Try them all and decide which is the best!

  • Upgrade the Museum of Traditions to level 3
  • Get 40 servings of Stuffing from the citizens

Reward: Coins 11.000, XP2 350, Rating Points Simple 950


Pilgrim Mini-Theater PilgrimMini-Theater

8. Theater on the StreetEdit

The contest was a success, and you found one stuffing recipe that you particularly liked. Make stuffed turkeys using this recipe and make sure everyone has a great holiday. By the way, a few citizens think that there isn't enough entertainment in your city. Respond to this criticism with a street theater!

  • Collect income from the Pilgrim Mini-Theater 4 times
  • Make 40 Stuffed Turkeys

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 9500, XP2 225, Rating Points Simple 900

9. The Main CourseEdit

The first customers like the delicious turkey based on the new recipe so much that word of it has already spread throughout the city. This means you need to make more! The residents of your city will definitely thank you with generous gifts.

  • Make 20 Stuffed Turkeys
  • Collect 10 Packs of Plenty from citizens

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 10.000, XP2 250, Rating Points Simple 1000

10. The Fun ContinuesEdit

All the holiday preparations are done, and now we can finally relax. Give your friends gifts and enjoy the street theater with them. They say the latest performance is amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Send 15 Heartfelt Gifts to your friends
  • Upgrade the Pilgrim Mini-Theater to level 3

Reward: Coins 25.000, XP2 450, Rating Points Simple 6000

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