Event Description Edit

This was a temporary event that started on September 9, 2016.

Get everybody ready to celebrate Beauty Day with the grandeur it deserves! Wish your citizens well, receive unique gifts, collect resources, and complete all the quests on time to obtain the Diamond Boutique.

Completing the event involves completing 10 quests.

Duration and Reward Edit

Event Duration: 12 days

Final reward: Diamond Boutique DiamondBoutique Reward

Tasks are designed around the following items:Edit

This is a hybrid event, combining collecting- and production-tasks.

Citizen Pearl

From citizens you get for 1 Energy

Image Name Costs Points
Pearl Icon
Pearl 1 Energy 3
Aquamarine Icon
Aquamarine 1 Energy 5
Emerald Icon
Emerald 1 Energy 7

Gifts Edit

For the completion of the tasks the player needs to acquire gifts. The Gem Coffer and the Jewelry Box can be found with citizens wandering around. The Festive Small Gift Box is a gift to be sent and received from friends.

Image Name Costs Points
Gem Coffer 15 Energy none
Jewelry Box 25 Aquamarines none
Festive Small Gift Box 25 Pearls (to send, 25)

(receive, none)

VIP Active Bonuses Edit

Active VIP bonuses can help you acquire event resources more quickly. Active bonuses must be activated using a certificate. See the VIP page for more information.

Event Tasks Edit

1. Saving GraceEdit

Everybody is getting ready to celebrate Beauty Day and wish their favorite mayor well. The citizens have special gifts for you, exquisite pearls. You just need to collect Berries to celebrate the holiday properly.

  • Receive 25 Pearls from your citizens
  • Produce 15 Berries (30 minutes Time each from Farm)

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 6000, XP2 100, Rating Points Simple 500

2. Bearing Gifts Edit

Some of your citizens have had the incredible luck to find gems, which they want to give to you in honor of Beauty Day. PLease accept their gifts!

  • Receive 3 Jewelry Boxes from your citizens (Costs: 25 Aquamarines each)
  • Receive 20 Aquamarines from your citizens

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 7500, XP2 125, Rating Points Simple 550

3. The Gleam of Gems Edit

Wish other mayors prosperity and good fortune, and flaunt your own, by sending them unique gifts. After all, you have valuable assets: your citizens. These lucky people have found yet another gem deposit, a trove of emeralds!

  • Send 10 Festive Small Gift Boxes to your friends. (250 Pearls total - that's a lot!) 
  • Receive 50 Emeralds from your citizens.

Reward: Coins 15.000, XP2 250, Rating Points Simple 800

Reward! Edit

AmethystBoutique Reward Amethyst Boutique

4. Raking in the Profits Edit

Everyone likes to go shopping on a holiday! Show your citizens how you appreciate them by building an Amethyst Boutique, while you yourself can appreciate the profit it brings.

  • Collect profit 5 times from your Amethyst Boutique.
  • Receive 10 Gem Coffers from your citizens (-15 Energy each)

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 9000, XP2 150, Rating Points Simple 600

5. New Gifts Edit

Who doesn't like giving and receiving gifts? This time, you are on the receiving end as you friends have sent you special gifts and your citizens have a gift of aquamarines to give you too!

  • Receive 20 Festive Small Gift Boxes from your friends.
  • Receive 20 Aquamarines from your citizens.

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 10500, XP2 175, Rating Points Simple 650

6. Brilliant Solutions Edit

The Amethyst Boutique is understaffed! Upgrade it to hire more staff so anyone who wishes to can enjoy a shopping spree on Beaty Day.

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 12.000, XP2 200, Rating Points Simple 700

7. The Good of All Edit

Don't forget to keep up friendly relations with your neighbors; send other cities' mayors gifts! Your citizens have more gifts of gems to give you, so you can receive and give at the same time!

  • Send your friends 5 Festive Small Gift Boxes (125 Pearls total)
  • Receive 40 Gem Coffers from your citizens (-15 Energy each)

Reward: Coins 20.000, XP2 350, Rating Points Simple 1100

Reward! Edit

RubyBoutique Reward Ruby Boutique

8. New Impressions Edit

The new boutique is popular with the city's population and its guests alike, so don't forget to collect profit from it. You can use the income to organize new sightseeing tours.

  • Collect profit 3 times from your Ruby Boutique
  • Start 10 trips from your Terminal (can be any trips)

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 13500 XP2 225, Rating Points Simple 750

9. Flowers for All Edit

More and more tourists are arriving in your city to celebrate Beauty Day. Make sure your city lives up to its reputation; decorate it with exquisite flowers! Also, don't forget to accept gift from your citizens. Yes, they have come up with more!

  • Receive 5 Jewellry Boxes from your Citizens
  • Make 60 flowers (4 hour Time each from Farm)

Reward: Cash 1, Coins 15000, XP2 250, Rating Points Simple 800

10. Finishing Touches Edit

You are doing extremely well! Even more tourists are on their way to visit the new boutique. Upgrade it to the maximum level! And show your citizens how much you appreciate them: Accept their gifts of emeralds!

  • Receive 15 Emeralds from your citizens
  • Upgrade your Ruby Boutique to level 4

Reward: Coins 35.000, XP2 500, Rating Points Simple 5500


As usual there are achievements tied to the event:

  • AchitecturalTreasure Achievment Architectural Treasure
    Upgrade your Diamond Boutique to level 5
    Reward: XP2 200, Coins 75,000, Cash 15, Achievement Points Icon 25
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