This event is a temporary event that was started on March 08, 2013.

"Hooray, the Spring has come! Let beautiful women of your city feel themselves as real goddesses of high fashion - set the Podium in your city! Make real fun and increase your income greatly! To get the Podium you shall complete the following requirements:"

Event duration: 3 days

Event reward: Stylish Podium

Event tasks, all platforms Edit

Resources required were Flowers, Dresses, and Candy.  Numbers varied by user.  Some user numbers:

  • 84 flowers, 24 dresses, 18 candy
  • 104 flowers, 25 dresses and 40 candy
  • 39 flowers, 25 dresses, 14 candy
  • 90 flowers, 26 dresses and 16 candies

There was a glitch in this event, and some users found that some items were already built. In some cases, the candies or other itesm were complete when the event first started.